How successful Northland businesses thrive and grow

What does it take to succeed? It takes more than you think to survive and thrive and running your own business is not for the faint hearted. After the initial excitement starts to diminish, business owners swiftly realise that for survival you need to build great relationships, solid teams, systems and processes.

“Sarah has been exceptional in her ability to listen to all of the different scenarios that can occur in business and interpret what is being said, then put the varying outcomes in a format that is easily understandable.”
David Wech, Director, Adams Trimmer Insurance

Teamwork, Discipline & Accountability

Like any goal you set, you need someone to hold you accountable.  Good accountants are like good personal trainers.  They are there to help you with goal setting – working on your ideal “weight”, they’re there to assign “exercises” and they are there to measure results.

To grow in business you need discipline and direction to help you set objectives and goals, and most importantly, be held accountable.  How else do you measure success?  It’s one thing to hand over your financials; it’s another when you have a team to work alongside you picking up on what’s going wrong, what’s going right and then helping you do something about it.

Opportunities are everywhere but if you’re not focused and you’re not disciplined to stay on track, it’s easy to lose your way.  With good accountants, not only do you get sound advice and support, you get fresh business ideas.  These fresh business ideas could relate to new products or services you could offer, it could advise you about your organisational structure and a whole range of options to address.  There is no one size fits all so it pays to listen to the experts.

Good accountants, like the team at Sumpter Baughen, have years and years of experience around systems, processes and ideas.  Walking into a business growth consultation is half therapy and half business planning. Plenty of friends and family will have ideas – you can guarantee that, but if they’re not based on realistic data – you’re really just wishing your ideas work.

“Working with Sarah has been really positive, she’s very helpful and always keeps us in the loop.  We’re confident to ask any questions.”
Mint Floral

Accountants, who are also your financial mentors, understand the day-to-day running of a business and how to drive successful outcomes.  They have the capability and the access to ensure your business will thrive.  Yes, there is number crunching involved, but that number crunching is appraising your business performance. Without it, you’re really blind.

Financial Mentoring? – How We Pay It Forward

Mentoring businesses is sharing business wisdom and Sarah and the team says it’s the perfect opportunity for them to “pay it forward”.  This approach enables them to help businesses map direction, set goals, develop influential networks and relationships.  This is key in any successful business whether you are as big as Google or as small as a sole trader.   You never know where collaboration and collective thinking can take you so it pays to listen and listen to the right people.

Don’t go it alone in business, being “mentorless” is not nice. What is the most challenging question about your business growth you have on your mind?  Write it down and then ask us at Sumpter Baugen Chartered Accountants.

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