Merry Christmas

Reflect on the year they say with a grin,
But like many others here at Sumpter Baughen,
We say – where do we begin!

With Mr Trump in who knows who’ll get fired
And now with our own Mr Key feeling a little bit tired
It really has come time for “in with the new and out with the old”
And even though we like to be bold,
It’s time like these it pays to keep our head on our shoulders we’re told

So welcome Mr English to your new role,
We wish you the best but our message will stay strong,
Look after all those people out there who work hard for their daily bread,
Never take them for granted or bad news will spread
Because the backbone of this country, like it is all over the land,
Relies on hard working folk always willing to lend a hand

And that’s why at Sumpter Baughen we so sincerely wish
That you look after yourself and others, break bread and share fish
It’s due to caring in our community that will truly make this world a better place
Because it’s not who always wins the race;
It’s the ones who are willing to go the extra yards
And we hope to keep doing that from the bottom of our hearts.

Merry Christmas Everyone
The team at Sumpter Baughen

Our office will close at 12.00 pm Thursday 22 December 2016 and reopen Monday 16 January 2017.
We take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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