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The team at Sumpter Baughen are equipped to help you grow a strong, successful business. Providing high quality accounting services and expert advice that helps increase profit, protect assets and gain real results is what we do best.

Corporate Governance

Is your organisation taking advantage of the opportunities that come from good governance? Just as importantly, are you avoiding the risks of bad governance?

Strong corporate governance is a platform for business success and growth. A good corporate governance structure will let your organisation operate more effectively, more competitively, and more profitably. It will protect you when times are tough, and provide more opportunities for future growth.

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If you’d like to take advantage of the opportunities provided by implementing a good corporate governance structure, we can help you.


Corporate governance training & consultancy

Corporate governance training and consultancy can involve any or all of the following:

  • Reviewing and advising you on your organisation’s financial position
  • Helping you define a clear and effective management structure
  • Advising the Board of Directors on their roles and responsibilities
  • Helping you run effective Board of Directors meetings
  • Keeping accurate, well organised accounting records
  • Assisting organisations in financial trouble to get ‘back on track’

Who we help with corporate governance training

It’s not just large commercial ventures that benefit from corporate governance training. In fact, the help we offer in this area is equally useful to:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Not-for-profit organisations and charities
  • Iwi runanga and Maori organisations
  • Sports clubs and community organisations

What is good corporate governance?

Good corporate governance is all about professionalism. It’s about structuring and running your organisation in a way that will protect you from risk, maximise opportunities for growth, and allow you to achieve your organisational objectives.

Good governance encompasses every aspect of your organisation, from Directors to employees to shareholders, and from day-to-day operations to strategic plans.

Whether you are in the commercial or not-for-profit sector, good corporate governance will result in a more successful organisation.

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