What We Do

The team at Sumpter Baughen are equipped to help you grow a strong, successful business. Providing high quality accounting services and expert advice that helps increase profit, protect assets and gain real results is what we do best.

Maori Organisation and Iwi Services

Sound financial advice is critical to the success of any organisation, and Maori organisations are no different.

With Sumpter Baughen, you'll enjoy the quality of service and advice that you'd expect from any major international accounting firm and also benefit from our deep understanding of Maori issues at local pricing.

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Our specialist accountants assist Maori organisations such as:

  • lwi runanga
  • Maori farming incorporations
  • Maori trusts
  • Maori businesses


Our Maori accounting team provides the following services:

  • Post settlement governance entity structures and options
  • Tax compliance services
  • Financial management
  • Governance training and consultancy
  • Strategic advice and planning
  • Succession planning
  • Business and investment reviews
  • Debt forecasting

Unrivalled service and advice

Our specialist Maori accountants are highly skilled and can offer your organisation an unrivalled level of service. They offer expert advice with an intrinsic understanding of iwi governance, strategy, post settlement governance entity structures and investment options.

Sarah Kessell, Partner at Sumpter Baughen and head of the specialist Maori accounting services team, is passionate about helping Maori organisations succeed.

Our local knowledge, combined with extremely high quality advice, makes Sumpter Baughen the first choice of Maori organisations when it comes to their specialist accounting needs.

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