What We Do

The team at Sumpter Baughen are equipped to help you grow a strong, successful business. Providing high quality accounting services and expert advice that helps increase profit, protect assets and gain real results is what we do best.

Farm Accounting and Agribusiness

In an industry where the seeds you plant today are the crop of tomorrow, solid financial advice now is essential for a successful future.

At Sumpter Baughen, our farm accounting specialists didn't just read about agribusiness in a book, they actually come from farming backgrounds. They'll understand your business, and your unique accounting needs.

We take time to get to know your individual farm, so you'll get tailored advice to lead you towards a financially secure future.

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Our farm accounting services include:

  • Farm tax compliance
  • Financial reporting
  • Specialist agribusiness financial advice, including:
  • Financial management
  • Strategic planning
  • Succession planning
  • Farm sale and purchase
  • Agribusiness structuring and re-structuring
  • Tax minimisation
  • Asset protection


Farming is in our blood

Brenda Smith, Partner at Sumpter Baughen was born and raised on a Northland farm. With farming in her blood, she is passionate about helping you succeed and grow your business.

Coming from a farming background also means we understand your industry better than most. You won’t need to waste time explaining agribusiness terminology to us, and you can rest assured we’re already familiar with your market and the unique challenges you face as a farmer.

Farm tax specialists

With farming clients all over Northland, we are one of the area’s foremast specialists in farm tax. Our clients include dairy, beef, sheep and crop farmers, so we’re well versed in the specific financial and tax issues associated with your farming business.

We’ll come to you

Farms don’t run themselves, and we know it difficult for you to come and see us. So we’re more than happy to visit you on the farm to discuss your accounts, and review your annual financial statements. Visiting your farm also means we can understand your business better, and give you more tailored advice as a result.

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