How much will it cost and how long is it going to take? Those are the two questions every business owner asks when it comes to accounting services.

So why is it that so many accountants won't answer those simple questions up-front? We know you want to be able to plan and budget effectively and that's why Sumpter Baughen offers simple, upfront-price accounting services.

How does upfront price accounting work?

It all starts with a free consultation, where you’ll tell us a bit about your needs. Once we understand your business and your accounting needs, you’ll get an upfront price for your tax compliance work, which could be as low as $100 per month. You’ll also be told who will do the work, and when you can expect it to be done.

Unlimited accounting advice

There’s no limit on the number of times you can contact us throughout the year either. If you have a query about your accounts, all you need to do is call us, or make an appointment. You’ll get the expert advice and help you need, no matter how long it takes, at no additional cost.

Plan and budget effectively

Upfront priced accounting means you know exactly how much you need to budget for accounting services each year and you won’t have to worry about ticking clocks and escalating bills every time you need to ask us something.

Better relationships mean better results

Because you are allocated your own dedicated accountant, you have a direct line to the person who knows your business and your accounts best. And because you needn’t worry about the cost of talking to us, we can develop a closer working relationship with you, and a better understanding of your business.

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